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What Most People Don't Know (About Blackjack)

Improving Your Game

Some basic tips are all you need to make your Blackjack playing strategy take off.

  1. Learn Blackjack Basic Strategy
    A lot of websites give away Basic Strategy charts, or else you can get them from Blackjack books or casino gift shops. You should memorize Basic Strategy- bottom line, no exceptions. To help you along, bring the charts with you any time you play Blackjack and consult it throughout the game. Nobody cares if you use the charts; that's what they're so widely distributed for. For online games, you can conveniently open the strategy chart in another window or tab. Many online casinos offer something called Blackjack Trainer, and it gives you advice of how to play blackjack. Whatever you do, use Basic Strategy, and use it consistently; it's to your advantage.
  2. Know How Much You Can Bet
    I'm sure you already know that Blackjack is not about fair because the house will always have an edge. Sometimes, it seems like the house gets a bit more than an edge. When those tough rounds come at you, it helps to be able to ride them out, which you can only do if you plan for enough money and manage it well. With enough cash, you can turn a game around that would otherwise be ruined.

Don't Even Consider Insurance

Whether you know it or not, betting on the dealer having a blackjack hand is not prudent at all; in fact, you're giving your money away. "Even money" is in the same category. Remember that your best game does not usually come right away. It is a manifestation of time, and the longer you play the greater your chances of winning. Thus, plan for the long run and throw insurance out of your plans.

With these simple tips, I have no doubt that you'll start to see improvements in your game. It doesn't take much. Don't ever let ignorance dictate a loss again.

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