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Craps: Simple but Fun

The Rules

Two dice and 4-6 players are the most important components for starting a craps game. There are a few other things necessary, though, and they can be found in the craps rules.

To start off, the first player makes his/her first bet (the pass bet) and rolls the dice. As the shooter (which is the name of the person who's rolling the dice) you want to roll a seven. You can only win your bet with a 7. Then you roll again, and if it's a second 7 then you lose your bet anyway. Any other number obtained by the second roll of the dice is your point number, and you keep rolling the dice 'til you get this number again, at which point your turn is over. Anyway, craps rules are much easier to learn than learning of how to play blackjack for example. So, everything depends on you!

The Next Player (Shooter)

Another player will become the shooter after the first one's turn is over. Besides the shooter, there are two players who pay winners their dues and remove the losers' chips, there is a box man to control the dice's roll, and the speed of the game is kept going by the stick man.

Every player has a marker next to his/her chips that's black on one side and white on the other. The white is placed up once the player has a point number, but until then the black is shown.

Once everyone gets a point number, play comes back around for the second bet. You can only win the second bet if your first roll is a 7 and your point number is the same as for the first bet. You lose both if you roll a 7 seven on your second roll for the second bet (when you're rolling for your point number.)

Low Odds, Big Money

The lower the chances of rolling a number, the more you get rewarded for it. For example, the chances of rolling a 10 are less than those for a 9 or 5, which are even less than those for a 6 or 8. Therefore, you win twice your bet with a 10, 150% with a 9 or 5, and even less with a 6 or 8. The more you risk, the more you win.

Craps rules aren't too hard to understand, and once you understand them you can have a great time playing the game.

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