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Terms and Betting in Roulette

How to Bet

In order to make an online roulette bet, the players have to buy chips, after selecting a game. With this particular version, chips of different colors are used to signify different currencies, and then the wager amount is displayed in numbers for added clarity. It's preferable to use roulette guides at Roulette77.us for deeper understanding of the rules.

After you select a game and buy chips, you can take your mouse and put the chips down on the type and quantity of your bet. With this version, digitally putting the chips onto certain number selections is quite easy, as long as you choose before the wheel has a chance to spin. Of course, you're the only one playing, so you don't really have to worry about rushing but remember about roulette odds anyway. The wheel is waiting for you and you alone.

The Roulette Rules for Betting and Returning

Straight bet - Randomly pick a number. You're up against 35-1 odds.

Column bet - There are columns on the number tables; pick one column of 12 numbers. Here it's 2-1 that you're right.

Dozen bet - Instead of picking 12 down, do 12 across. 2-1 also.

Red or Black - Bet on whether you think the ball is going to land in a red or black bed. 1-1 odds.

Odds or Evens - Here you tell whether you think the number will be even or odd. 1-1 odds.

High or Low - You predict whehter, when the ball lands, it will be on 1-18 or 19-36. Odds of 1-1 this time.

Two-number or Split bet - Place your wager on the line between two numbers. Odds of 17-1 here.

Street or Row bet - Bet on a row of 3 numbers across the number table. 11-1 odds.

Six Number bet - Put your bet on two 3 number rows contingent on each other. 5-1 odds.

Square or Corner bet - Bet on the crossroad intermediate between four squares. 8-1 odds.

With this list of odds, you should be able to make informed bets and see positive results.

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