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Winning Video Poker

Just like with every other game, everyone is not a winner in video poker. These video poker tips, however, will help you figure out what it takes to win, and hopefully improve your chances quite a bit.

  1. Don't Come in Blind
    It helps a lot if you already know how the pay table works, understand it well, in fact, and are familiar with how to play the game. After you figure out the pay table, decide how much you're going to bet and how many bets you can make. A common video poker tips is that you need to play no less than 100 rounds to make video poker worthwhile. Whatever you choose to do, make your decisions before you get into the game.
  2. Know the Winning Combos
    The odds of even getting a winning combination are greatest with fewer numbers of cards. A wild card in the deck makes them even better. However, you can get nowhere unless you actually know the winning combinations and are prepared to make your plays accordingly. For instance, although aces are usually important in card games, video poker is a game where face cards are important. If you have good face cards, don't worry about dropping the ace. If you know what combinations you're driving for, you can play more in a more informed manner and greatly increase the likelihood of a win.
  3. Keep Your Cool
    You better have a really good reason for sweating while you're playing online video poker. There's nobody there to play against, except the computer, so just keep your cool and keep your head. The more time you take to consider your options and make sure you're doing the right thing, the better your chances of winning.
    It's only when you do things right that your win, and winning is quite profitable if you use consistent strategies and thus can reproduce past results. The best of all video poker tips is to just have fun and enjoy the game.

Video poker uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to come up with its results, so you have as good of a chance to win as the computer. Good luck beating your machine, and have fun.

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